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Submitted on
August 16, 2008
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1. Anything yaoi-related is strictly prohibited from the base.
2. Yes, even PeinxKonan.
3. None of the Akatsuki are gay.
4. Itachi is not a girl.
5. Neither is Deidara.
6. Or Sasori, no matter how funny it is to think so.
7. Kakuzu is not a drug dealer, nor is Zetsu made of weed.
8. Konan is not a whore, and will gladly kick the ass of anyone who thinks so.
9. Tobi in no way resembles Darth Vader.
10. Nor are the six bodies of Pein to be considered his Clone Troopers.
11. The Bijuu are not Pokemon, so please refrain from singing the Pokemon theme song on missions.
12. Even if we are trying to "catch 'em all.
13. We will not be addressed as "Team Rocket".
14. Hidan is not a vampire, even if his hairstyle resembles Dracula's.
15. Sasori is not a drug addict.
16. Even if he looks like one.
17. Refrain from glomping others, as it may be dangerous to your health and well-being.
18. Neko-chan is not to be reffered to as Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto, or any of the Tokyo Mew Mew characters.
19. Neko-chan will kill anyone who calls her "Ichigo", as she does not want to be mistaken for a "pink-haired bitch".
20. Do not refer to Tobi as "Tobi-sama"or "Leader-sama". Especially not in front of Pein.
21. Tours of the Akatsuki base to Konoha shinobi are not allowed.
22. Be careful what you say to Zetsu, as he may end up argueing with himself for hours.
23. Do not interrupt Kisame when he is eating. It makes him grumpy.
25. None of the "Akatsuki Pick-up Lines" shall be mentioned or said while in the base.
26. Do not give Tobi coffee if you know what's good for you.
27. Or Pixie-stix.
28. Do not call Deidara "sempai" as it makes Tobi feel unwanted.
29. Kisame is not to be referred to as "Jaws", "Fish Boy", or "Sushi".
30. In response to many Youtube videos, Itachi is not an "emo kid".
31. Nor has Deidara ever worked at Burger King.
32. Sasori indeed had a Speak n' Spell as a child, but do not mention it to him, as it gives him nightmares.
33. Neko-chan is allowed on her laptop as long as she wants. Take it away from her only at your own risk.
34. Kazul is allowed in and out of the base as she pleases. Unlike Orochimaru, she will be sure to come back.
35. Deidara is not a "candy man".
36. Nor is Itachi a "superstar", no matter he wishes he was.
37. Snakes are not allowed in the base, as it attracts..."unwanted company".
38. Try and ignore some of the stuff Zoto says. anything you say to her can and will be used against you. And we mean ANYTHING.
39. ITachi does not have "Uchiha senses".
40. Do not get Kakuzu mad, as we can no longer afford paying medical bills.
41. You not Kakuzu's "apprentice", nor has he ever fired anyone.
42. Kakuzu in no way resembles Ebenezer Scrooge or Eugene Krabs.
43. Do not try to eat Tobi, he is not a lollipop.
44. Neko-chan is allowed to call Deidara “nii-chan” anytime she wants. This does not give you permission to, by any means.
45. Be aware that if you choose to take sides with one of the Akatsuki’s artists, it will put you on bad terms with the others.
46. It is Neko-chan’s job to feed the Bijuu. Doing so yourself may result in you being mauled by demons.
47. Do not steal and/or try to use Deidara’s clay; if it blows up half the base you will be responsible for reconstruction fees.
48. None of the Akatsuki resemble Harry Potter characters, and will therefore not be addressed as such.
49. Except Orochimaru. He looks like Voldemort and he knows it.
50. Do not steal Kakuzu’s wallet. ‘Nuff said.
51. Sasori does not keep his organs in jars beside his bed, and must not be asked such questions.
52. Sasori is not a male stripper.
53. Thankfully.
54. Watering Zetsu does not make him grow, it only gets him angry.
55. Tobi  is a good boy. You are not allowed to call yourself a good boy/girl. In extension,
56. All catch phrases are copyrighted by the person who uses them, and using them yourself can be considered illegal if necessary.
57. Do not steal any Miracle Gro from Zetsu’s fridge.
58.Challenging Itachi to a ping-pong match will only lead to your own undoing.
59. If you value your life to any degree, do not disturb Sasori while he is building his card towers.
60. Strip poker is not allowed on Game Night.
61. Do not compare Konan to Hyuga Hinata; they look nothing alike.
62. The Teletubbies theme song is strictly prohibited from the base.
63. We are indeed the champions. Singing the song is not necessary.
64. Do not put strings on Sasori.
65. Zoto and Itachi are allowed to argue as much as they want. It keeps them from getting bored.
66. Tobi, listen closely: Clay is NOT porridge.
67. Itachi is allowed to sleep late. Do not question that.
68. Do not use any flame-producing products near Sasori, he is highly flammable.
69. Kisame is not “the Rainbow Fish”.
70. Hidan is not the Grim Reaper.
71. No matter how cool that would be.
72. Yes, we eat ramen here. This in no way makes us similar to Naruto Uzumaki.
73. Itachi is not a pimp, even if he wishes he was one.
74. Nor are any of the Akatsuki his “bitches”.
75. Do not allow mirrors near Tobi, as he believes he is being sucked into another dimension.
76. We are the dark side, and yes, we have cookies, but is it really necessary to keep saying that?
77. Caramelldansen is permitted on Game Night only.
78. It is a bad idea to challenge Kisame to a GH3 duel, as you will soooo get your ass kicked.
79. Kazul is not to be mistaken for a Jinchuriki.
80. We do not resemble the Ouran High School Host Club in any way.
81. Nor the people from Azumanga Daioh.
82. Or Sailor Scouts.
83. We are not gangsters, so please stop talking like that.
84. Do not mention the Mafia or Al Qaeda here. We are ten times better than they will ever be.
85. Even though our long term goal can be considered “world peace”, we are in no way “hippies”, and are not to be referred to as such.
86. Kisame is not a cannibal. The only time he ever ate shark, we tricked him into doing it, and he promptly vomited after being told.
87. Alcohol is strictly prohibited from the base, especially near Hidan. Yes, Sasori, you too.
88. Please do not pet Neko-chan like a cat. No, she doesn’t like it.
89. It is Itachi’s job to make prank calls to Otogakure, as he is the best at impersonating a Girl Scout. Do not ask why.
90. Do not interrupt Kazul while she is drawing, as it may result in death.
91. DO NOT get Crystal annoyed, or you will face the concequences.
92. Itachi does not want "Fabulous"
93. Do not go into Tobi's room, or he'll lock you in and ramble about randomness until your head explodes (Not Deidara's fault)
94. Do NOT, and I mean NOT!!!! eat Itachi's dango. You'll go through 72 hours of torture.
95. Do not call (1) Itachi "weasel", (2) Sasori "Pinnochio", (3)Deidara "Ino", (4) Kakuzu "Cheap bastard", (5)Hidan "Mother Fucker", (6) Kisame "Fish", (7) Zetsu "Vegetable", (8) Pein "Yondaime" or "Peircing freak", (9) Tobi "A bad boy", (10) Neko-chan "Strawberry shortcake", (11) Kazul "Raven", (12) Byakko a "Nice Kitty-kitty," while patting her head like she's five, (13) or Crystal an "Obsessed Itachi fangirl" or you gone get murdered.

Disobeying any of these rules(that do not involve being killed already) may result in such penalties as torture by children’s educational television, being forced to spend time in Tobi’s room, and writing unnecessarily long apologies to both Pein and the person of whom the rule is about.
These rules have been delibirated(sp?) and accepted by Pein, un. If anyone would like to leave a comment with a rule to be added, they will be considered and possibly added to the list.

I apologize to anyone who's flashes or Youtube videos we have contradicted, un.(I happen to love seeing myself as an Azumanga Daioh character^V) I hope that we can remain your non-enemies! :wave:

Gawd, I hate written apologizes, un.

ehem...oh yeah...
Neko-chan belongs to :iconzstarmoonfanz:
Kazul and Zoto belong to :iconkazul24:
Crystal belongs to :iconcoradensha670:
Byakko belongs to :iconkitty--katty:

No stealy, un.
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Tamaki199 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
I love these rules,I would spend so much time in Tobi's bedroom or writing long apologies.
kurokeiko Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
These rules are great
No wonder Akatsuki is so strict! XD
bu7loos Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
akatsukiminato Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
who's neko-chan?
lural232 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
o.o wow 95 rules i knew so little :( o well [walks to itachi and pokes him]
Kisamelover12 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
For 45, what happens if you say art is a eternal explostion
hetaliaRussialover Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
By stating that fact you would be both nuetral and an enemy. Which would cause either the whole base to kill you or the end of the world as we know it, probably both.
Kisamelover12 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
Wouldn't it just be Sasori and deidara trying to kill me?
hetaliaRussialover Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Yes but you would cuase a huge argument between the two causing the whole base to get angry and seeing how you started the whole mess they would also try to kill you so aas to get the artist to shut up.

Kisamelover12 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
...u got a point there
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